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Michael Miller


I am so psyched about your Convention, words--unable to express--it's in the breath!

I realize how wonderfully busy you are, so I promise to be brief:

I printed the article regarding Pilates v Yoga for my boss. She's heard of you, and she's really anxious to get her hands on that print-out! I'm meeting with her tomorrow, it is an important one. I just happened to mention your credentials, your website, your unselfish "open--arms" (wow, remember the group, Journey? they have that beautiful song "Open Arms, oh well), like a newsboy selling his newspapers, here you are doing the same: " Extra, Extra, read all about it! Joe's words, his philosophy, what a great IDEA! Makes sense to anyone who is authentic and wants the truth, the straight truth! All from the Master himself, and at the price that you're doing it out of love, not withholding any information, giving us all you got, and MORE!!! You are a REBEL with a cause, and this is only the very beginning. I'm going to call this chapter, "The Infancy of Pilates" , as seen through the eyes of-me-as I study MM's brilliant work and derive from it this "Idea", and I've got to do some hardcore studying and practice!

Keep Rockin' the (Pilates)World; Shakin' (Elders' & others') Egoes throughout the Universe; I think I see Joe, with his arms folded, wearing his little white panties, smiling from above, at YOU!

Michael Miller

Tthese testimonoals comes from Michael Miller's web page www.hermit.com

Jacqueline Detry wrote: Hello! Thank you so much for this path you have taken on the Pilates Journey. I am excited because: as a practioner and instructor of the method for five years I have a sense of something so much deeper than just the exercise. A little on my background - a massage therapist since 1997 by 1998 I needed some help to maintain my self doing bodywork. Pilates was the key. I took a class for a year and made a decision that this is the work that clients need to do to help themselves. I do structual integration (Rolfing "Integral Bodywork" is the website ) - but learning and teaching the method helps with awareness of holding patterns that keep them coming back. I work in a health club enviroment teaching the method but as therapist not just exercise. 

Your 20+ years of experience is well appreciated. I have been a affilated member to your website now for about two months and my work has excelled. Again thank you. hope to meet you
jacqueline detry cmt

Pilates makes more sense with Michael Miller. He knows what he's talking about. He's passionate with Pilates. His views of it are just great! One neads to discover the Michael Miller Pilates, if a sincere believer that Pilates has to remain as pure as possible : A BRILLIANT IDEA!

Pilates fait plus de sens avec Michael Miller. Il sait de quoi il parle. C'est un véritable passionné du Pilates. La compréhension qu'il en a est formidable. Quelqu'un doit découvrir le Pilates selon Michael Miller, s'il fait partie de ceux et celles qui croient sincèrement que le Pilates doit demeurer le plus pur possible : UNE IDÉE GÉNIALE!

Pilates con Michael Miller tiene sentido. El señor Miller posee amplios conocimientos del método Pilates. Es un gran apacionado de este. La comprehension que él tiene de Pilates es grande y maravillosá. Si usted piensa que Pilates tiene que demorar en su expresion la mas pura posible, descubra la forma en que lo presenta Michael Miller :

Guy Bouchard
Saguenay, QC Canada - Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 06:28:35 (EDT)

truly, out of all I find in the wide world of Pilates, your work impresses me the most.
his skill at communicating it through words and images, make him one of the best teachers I have ever experienced. He is a popular and frequent guest instructor at MoveStudio and we're fortunate to have several teachers who have trained extensively with him. Robin Parker
Dallas, TX USA

Michael Miller Pilates makes more than just sense to me. I feel fortunate to be able to access this site. I am thankful to Mr. Miller for his willingness and openess to share his view. It has allowed me to go deeper into the Work, trust what I see and know to be true.
Linda Houck
Meadowbrook, PA USA

I have studied Pilates for years under various instructors and in many different places. I continually return to Michael Miller for the best of the best. He is a paragon of all that is great about the Pilates method and a fountain of information and skill. Michael’s instruction is second to none; the subtlest changes he suggests make a world of difference in increasing flexibility and in opening the mind. I have hosted Michael several times at my own studio, and without question, his approach to the method is embraced by all who experience it.
Deena Seltzer
Philadelphia, PA USA

the first time i went to boulder, i went to boulder falls to talk about "flow"--didnt quite know why--now i certainly do--michaels brand of pilates was the first to ignite my passion and does so every day in both my teaching and my performing of the method-5 years later-thanks michael!!
susan schaffer
st louis, mo USA

Michael introduced me to his logo, Cornu, which is the graphic representation of his idea of Pilates. With the image of Cornu in my mind, whether I am working out or making a presentation to the Board of Directors, I can tap into the energy of the spiral. Ideas are more convincing when supported by facts, and as a woman of a certain age who might be growing shorter, I am astonished that during my years of doing Michael Miller Pilates, I have increased my height by 1/4". Thank you, Michael.
Joan Tomek
Erie, CO USA

Something that has always amazed me about Michael is his total dedication to Pilates. Being at his home/studio is a complete immersion into the Method. I am most confident about my ability to perform or teach Pilates when I am in his presence. Very cool! Thanks Michael.
Rudi LeValley
Calgary, AB. Canada

I have Michael to thank for introducing me to Pilates, training me and making it part of my lifestyle. Pilates is an invaluable health tool!
Sylvaine Montaudouin
Boulder, CO USA

Michael Miller's lifelong study of Pilates and his expertise and experience as an instructor make his classes, materials, and web-based courseware truly unique and superlative. Michael helps his students- beginners through instructors- understand the "what", the "how", and most important, the "why" of Pilates. Michael shares important insights into body dynamics, and helps develop an awareness/body connection that improves exercise technique. He is the best!
Bette-Lynn Steiner

Michael Miller--you were the first to introduce Pilates to me as a way of life, which set off the spark to study further. Thanks Michael

Marti Harris
Boulder, CO USA

"FLYING".........would be my statement...........throw in some ooos and ahhhs for good measure.
Amy Schactman
St. Louis, MO USA

The Michael Miller's Pilates teachings is one of the best things that has happened to me. It encompasses every aspect of my wellbeing on a daily basis. I have regained
and maintained a youthful posture and attitude. Divine !
Andrea Byrd
Atlanta, Ga. USA

Michael Miller became the Bruce Lee of Pilates when he clarified the tradition as an idea.
Michael Miller
Boulder, CO USA

Experiencing the fluorescence of Pilates, leads one to know that Michael Miller is illuminating!

Michael Miller

"Michael Miller's lifelong study of Pilates and his expertise and experience
as an instructor make his classes, materials, and web-based course ware
truly unique and superlative. Michael helps his students- beginners
through instructors- understand the "what", the "how", and most important,
the "why" of Pilates. Michael shares important insights into body
dynamics, and helps develop an awareness/body connection that
improves exercise technique. He is the best!" - Bette Lynn Steiner

Diana Bolaños

Michael thank you for coming to Costa Rica and for making me understand what Pilates is all about. I love it everyday more! See you soon at the Pilates convention. Cant wait to take classes with you again!
Fluorescently yours,
Diana- Costa Rica

Michael Miller is the Einstein of Pilates.

jale dural

you are a best Michael Miller ,you are best...I believe you and verytime I will behind of you as following.

J Tomek

" I was delighted to see that the last issue of Pilates Style featured an article on The Pilates Center of Boulder, where I take class twice a week. Every good thing you said about it is absolutely true. I was even more delighted when I read the Success Story article about Steve Hobson, and he credited his study with Michael Miller "a teacher who finally and fully conveyed to me the physicality of Pilates--something that up until then had been missing for me."

Michael Miller has been my teacher for over 9 years. His passion for teaching is the reason why I am passionate about Pilates, because he gives the Method a "why." He travels the world teaching Pilates teachers that Pilates is an Idea; the reason that it works. He teaches through sensation, so the student feels in his or her own body the Idea of Pilates.

An article about Michael would be great in Pilates Style. He is unusual, intelligent, well spoken, and an inspiration to teachers around the world. Michael started out as a football player and played for the University of Colorado at Boulder. He came to Pilates through many of the same paths that Joseph Pilates traveled. The Pilates Michael teaches is classical, based directly on the work of Joseph Pilates. With his own understanding of why Joe's method works, Michael brings a depth to what he teaches that is unsurpassed. He also teaches through the internet with a website for which he is the sole developer and designer. It includes photos of the exercises which are invaluable aids for the teacher and the student. He offers training videos and dvds that he personally produces. Everything you see there is 100% Michael Miller.

Please check out Michael's website at www.hermit.com and see for yourselves. Some of the site is restricted to sbscribers, but for $20/year it's well worth the price. You can't go wrong learning more about this great Pilates teacher and scholar. "

Kathleen Shaw

My name is Kathleen Shaw. I have had three sessions with Michael Miller, all on the phone. In these 4 1/2 hours of work and through my dedicated study and practice guided now by what I am learning from Michael, I have learned more about Pilates and my self-worth than all the eight years of Pilates instruction both private and corporate I've been involved in up to this point. I told Michael today in an email, "Just think, we haven't even moved together yet" and then I thought for a moment and realized we've been moving together since the first second we spoke to one another. If you are really serious about Pilates and want to learn from the best possible source, stop wasting your time, money, and worst of all YOUR SPIRIT and study with Michael Miller. Wake up and listen.

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